About Me…

I remember sitting in my high school choir class wondering what I wanted to study in college because that’s what everyone was trying to figure out at the time. At a total loss, I started with the most basic thing I could think of: I knew I hated English class and history class and I couldn’t imagine sitting through that on a daily basis for the rest of my life. On the flip side, I loved my math and science classes. I enjoyed the challenge of working new problems and the satisfaction of finding the solution. I had also been the type of kid to tinker, take things apart, and build things. And long, long ago my parents gave me an old IBM PC with an 8088 microprocessor to play with and take apart (oh how I wish I understood what an awesome thing that was to have at the time). At this point, I had a pretty good idea that engineering would be a good fit for me so I signed up as a mechanical engineer and showed up for the first day of classes. I sat through about 20 minutes of ME 101 and promptly went back to the enrollment office to change my major to electrical engineering… Electrons just made a lot more sense to me than chamfers and thermodynamics. Both Raspberry Pi and Arduino were released and gained their initial popularity while I was in college. Hobby electronics gained a new life right as I was taking some of my first circuit classes which helped make those classes a lot more fun and interesting. The rest is rock-n-roll history as they say.

Despite the fact that I don’t get bored at my full time engineering job, there is always some new cool dev board, IDE, etc. that there just isn’t enough time to play with. My home lab has greatly evolved over the past few years (now that I’m not a poor college kid and can buy cool toys) so that I can fill this void. Starting this blog to document my home projects has helped me accomplish a lot as far as keeping me accountable at home where I don’t have any schedules/deadlines like I do at work. I also enjoy reading other people’s project blogs, so I hope mine will be enjoyable for others.